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Why choose Core Bamboo? Core Bamboo is the proud manufacturer of the world’s finest bamboo products. All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment. We take great pride not only in the outstanding quality of our products but also in the environment in

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Why choose Core Bamboo?

Core Bamboo is the proud manufacturer of the world’s finest bamboo products. All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment. We take great pride not only in the outstanding quality of our products but also in the environment in which they are made. Every product that bears our name was made in an ethically and socially responsible way.

About our Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most remarkable resources on Earth. As a member of the grass family, not a tree, it grows at a much quicker rate than any other wood. From start to harvest (60-70 feet tall) it can take just four years. Bamboo is also one of the lightest materials available. Bamboo is 16% stronger than Maple and is 33% lighter in weight than oak. What is probably most remarkable is its unique extensive root system. When bamboo is harvested its natural root system spreads and automatically regenerates itself.

Virtually all of the bamboo we harvest is used in the process. When we harvest the bamboo stalk at 70 feet it is cut up and divided into different production materials. The bottom section is primarily used for flooring and building materials. These are usually the toughest and hardest pieces to bend. The middle section is used by our factories to make lovely handcrafted products ranging from our assorted boards to versatile bowls and everything in between. The top section is used for smaller thinner items such as chop sticks, and accessory items. Even the sawdust created during the cutting is collected and mixed in with other materials to create a concrete like substance used for building and fixing a variety of items.

core bamboo FSC CertifiedFSC CertifiedSocially Responsible

Bamboo is a 100% renewable resource which does not need re-planting, extensive irrigation, pesticides or fertilizer. When bamboo is harvested its natural root system spreads and automatically regenerates itself.

FDA ApprovedFDA ApprovedPanda SafePanda SafeFDA Approved

All of our bamboo products are certified by the Food and Drug Administration to be safe for use for food. We have designed our collection of bamboo products to be used for food preparation and presentation, from our cutting boards and utensils, to our beautiful serving bowls and trays. Enjoy using our products to prep and serve all of your favorite cuisines.

FSC Certified

All of our products are certified by the FSC. The Forest Stewardship Council protects and ensures that products with the FSC label uphold principles and criteria which bring the highest social and environmental benefits during harvesting. This brings direct benefits to the forests from which we harvest our bamboo, including protecting biodiversity, worker’s rights, and areas that have environmental or cultural significance.

Bacterial Fighting Bacterial Fighting Knife FriendlyKnife FriendlyPanda Safe

The species of bamboo used in the production of our products is not a food source or a habitat for the Giant Panda. There are many types of bamboo that pandas eat, and we proudly use bamboo that does not impact the livelihood of this wonderful animal.

Natural Bacterial Fighting Properties

Scientists found that bamboo has a unique anti-bacterial bio-agent known as “bamboo Kun” which allows bamboo to thrive naturally in the wild without any pesticide.

Knife Friendly

Bamboo is the perfect material for food preparation. It is 16% stronger than Maple and 33% lighter in weight than oak. This substantial, yet light-weight material does not dull knives.

Care and use

We recommend that our bamboo products are hand washed with light soap and warm water and periodically coated with mineral oil to bring out the beautiful grain of the bamboo. We don’t recommend using this product in the dishwasher or microwave. Prolonged soaking is also not recommended.

Product Features

  • Small, medium and large, light-weight cutting boards by core bamboo; measures 8 by 6 by 0.4, 11 by 8.5 by 0.4 and 13 by 9-1/2 by 0.4-inch
  • Features same integrity as larger heavier boards, but is lighter and easier to store
  • Thinner design makes for easier transport in and around your kitchen
  • Knife-friendly surface helps protect blade integrity
  • Durable for any kitchen prep, beautiful enough to serve food in style

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Lake Stevens Mama says:

Extremely Surprised by Quality! I have always preferred bamboo cutting boards to their plastic counterpart… they do not dull my knives, and are frankly nicer to look at than stained plastic cutting boards.The only issue I have found when purchasing bamboo cutting boards is that they can be pricey to get a substantial thickness… if the price is inexpensive, the board is probably paper-thin.I decided to take a gamble and try this three-pack of bamboo cutting boards. I have seen others available on the site at or near the same price-point, but I loved the rounded edges of these boards, and their story of ethical responsibility to the environment and the people who craft them. I was very skeptical about how quality they could actually be because the price was so cheap!I must say, when these arrived in the mail I was taken-aback by how much heavier the package was compared to what I was expecting; each board was substantially thicker than I expected.These boards are…

Steveyboy says:

AMAZING SET OF CUTTING BOARDS!!! When I purchased this set of bamboo cutting boards, I was primarily motivated by the price. When they came 2 days later, I couldn’t believe how happy I was. I have purchased Core Bamboo products in the past and love them all but this deal is simply the best yet. This set would easily be worth more than double the price Amazon is charging for it.The quality of the boards is just as good as you would expect of Core Bamboo. They are thick enough to handle being used but thin enough to easily store them when not in use.The 3 sizes in the set are perfect for just about anything you want to cut and prep. I use the 8 x 6 for cutting apples or prepping cocktails. I use the 11 x 8.5 for cutting veggies and preparing sandwiches and the 13 x 9.5 for carving meats and poultry. I wash them with warm water and soap and they are holding up beautifully! I have owned bamboo cutting boards in the past from other companies and this set is by far the most superior of them…

Jordan Hughes-Buckley "jhbwolverine" says:

Poor quality I bought a set of these about a month and a half ago. They seemed pretty sturdy at first, and I didn’t have any of the problems with then splintering that a few people had described. I noticed a couple weeks ago though that the largest one had warped a little bit, and it was starting to crack where the strips of bamboo were attached together. Today it broke in half while I was cutting some chicken up for dinner. The mid-sized one is starting to show the same cracks, so I’m guessing it’s not going to last much longer either. So far the smallest one hasn’t started cracking, but I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. I definitely wouldn’t waste my money on these. If you’re going to get bamboo cutting boards, get something thicker and sturdier. Or buy a different material altogether.

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